Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Nobody times four can take away what happened times three."

Never let it be said RG Daniels does not suffer for his art.

RG's been doing his own web show "Sarcasting" for a few months now. But his latest experiment is a beautiful disaster.

Each Sunday for the last month he abused a different drug. The first week was pot, The second; Adderall, the third; Jack Daniels. He edited the results in a six minute piece that looks like someone's switching his settings from low to medium to high. It must be seen.

But first he will dance around like Groucho Marx to hip hop.


Monica said...

OMG i hope RG never takes adderal again!!! he does seem to be a happy drunk though, so that's nice. :)

RG Daniels said...

I was planning on getting kicked in the nuts by 3 different circus animal for the next episode, but I think Steve-O owns the rights to that bit. Frikkin' hack...

Thanks for the boost Johnny C. Um, see ya upstairs?

Brian Kunath said...

Great idea, very funny and some good philosophizing to boot.

As one who's taken all three of these, I appreciate the stark differences in how RG comes across. Particularly adderol, where he sounds like a dot-commer on a pitch to venture capitalists.

Monica said...

oh, and now i'm SO self-conscious about saying "it is what it is." Thanks again RG!