Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kids in the Hall

Ed Murray has thrown down the gauntlet.

I don't like the State and Ed can't handle it. I tried many times but they don't impress me. They throw out a premise and repeat it for three minutes. The sketches don't develop. They don't build. And in 1994 they couldn't hold a candle to Kids in the Hall.

This show was a huge influence on me, premiering when I was in senior year of high school. I was devoted to Monty Python at the time but finally there was a show for my generation. I was hooked from the pilot to the final episode. I saw "Brain Candy" in a lonely theater. Renee and my first date was seeing them live at Town Hall.

Ed's got a bunch of "State" videos on his blog for me. This is my response. Just like Ed, I can't find my favorite sketches online but these are great.

Take that, Murray!


Brian Kunath said...

I actually liked some of those State vids. But it seems unfair to compare it to Kids in the Hall. That was a show on par with Python.

Renee said...

I watched the State as a replacment....sort of Whos the Boss when the Brady Bunch was not on....

I do love "Girl-Drink Drunk" and "Office, Submarine"...sometimes the schetch dragged, but it left you with a great image laughing later.

...and they did give me my opener to give Jon my number.... :)

RG Daniels said...


I'm stayin' out of this one.