Monday, April 05, 2010

Mike Lanigan

My father-in-law just posted this on Facebook:

Dear family and friends,

Following is a letter that my wife wrote today:

I have filed a missing persons report for my son, Michael. Mike has been known to "take off" in the past, for parts unknown, but has always checked in by telephone or simply returned home within a few days. This time is different. He has not been seen or heard from since March 27. He may be in Los Angeles or Orlando - we have no idea. We only know that he has been living on the street, in his wheelchair, for the past three weeks.

In addition to his Cerebral Palsy, Mike now appears to be Schizophrenic. This has led him to believe that he is in “the industry,” (meaning the entertainment industry). Mike watches WWE and TNA wrestling shows religiously, and will try to attend events in the larger cities that are easily accessible by train.

I have included photos of Mike, and a time line for his known activity - and what we have done to track him down - from the day he left until now. I am hoping that everyone who receives this will share it with their friends and relatives across the country. Maybe someone will see him on the street, or perhaps you have a friend who works in a hospital in a large city, etc.

It is possible that he is in a hospital, but he will not give permission for staff to call us. We have not heard from the police in over a week, and are not confident that they are putting much effort into finding Mike.

I would be very happy to learn that he has found a place to live, and is being taken care of physically. If you or someone you know has any resources that could help in any way, please share this with them. Thank you.


Mike’s Time Line - March, 2010

13th Went out “for the night”

14 Called home to say he would not be back that day, had things to do

17 On Twitter - was in a coffee shop in Los Angeles - Starbucks at Hollywood and McCadden - writing to people he sees on television, asking for help

18 On Twitter - in coffee shop, Coffee Bean, at Gayley and Weyburn, in LA. Said he had been cleaned up at a hospital. Last tweet from there said “need saving.”

23 I filed missing persons report in Chicago. Police were not inclined to do much about it, since Mike left under his own power. Called cousin, Sgt. Mike Smith. Shortly thereafter, received a call from Det. Paul Carboni, who was assigned to the case.

24 Another coffee shop (LA?), tweeting to Olivia Munn (from “Attack of the Show” cable TV show). Was apparently asked to leave (probably due to the stench emanating from him).

25 Mike called home - said he was not coming back. Later, tweeted from the Huntington Beach library - “tweeps and twolks send help please!”

27 Tweeted from the Huntington Beach Main Street library - “hospitals wouldn’t do the bathroom change....low on cash....please also send help with clean up, very dire situation....if i can manage to get out of california since nothing matched up the next stop is obviously florida.” Florida?? Perhaps to attend a wrestling event?? TNA Impact in Orlando??

His last tweet said, “but im really stuck badly right now. wish i knew where some folks are, very sad, chair not holding up well.”

28 Rick & Mary to Huntington Beach - stayed for 3 days. Contacted police dept. immediately upon arrival, they were not inclined to help since he left on his own and was mobile, but they took the report. Walked around HB and talked to bouncers at bars, left phone numbers with them.

29 Found a wheelchair repair shop owner who had seen Mike go by several days earlier and was able to describe him. Shop owner was formerly with Sheriff’s Dept. and made up a flyer on the spot, and faxed it to all wheelchair repair shops in the area. Visited HB Hospital; they had not seen him.

30 Visited HB police dept. again to see what was happening with Mike’s case. Was told by “volunteer” at the desk that it would take at least 4 or 5 days for the case to find its way to a detective’s desk!! Called my cousin in Chicago (Sgt. Mike Smith) to tell him about it, and that we had not heard anything from the HB police. A while later, received a call from a Det. Ellis, with HB police, who had been assigned to the case. He, too, was not inclined to take it too seriously, since Mike left of his own accord.

30 Found librarian at Huntington Beach Main Street branch who had helped Mike on the 27th. Reported same to HB police. Left flyer at library. Left flyers with Coast Guard and a ministry that serves the homeless (located behind the library). Talked to homeless people on the street and at the beach. Visited shopkeepers in “downtown” HB, left flyers and phone numbers. Called hospitals in the area.

31 Returned to LA, went to studio where Attack of the Show is produced, talked to security, left photo and phone number. Visited coffee shops that Mike had previously mentioned - no one recognized his photo. Left photo and phone numbers at Union Station with various security people. We returned home next morning.

As of today, April 4, Mike has not been seen by anyone nor heard from via Twitter since March 27th. It is entirely possible that he is fine - but it is more likely that he is not fine, smells and looks like an outhouse on wheels, and needs psychiatric care. Worse possibilities are simply unthinkable right now.


Nota said...

Any news about him? I saw it posted on Reddit and browsed some his Tweets... really sad story. I hope the guy is found alive and well.

Anonymous said...

just posted this on a forum hope you can find him.

Chris said...

I think I may have just seen him in Hermosa Beach at the pier, on the corner of Pier Ave and Hermosa Ave (near the Starbucks). I yelled out "Ace!" from my car and he looked up and around, He had disappeared before I could get back to him.

It is 6:45 on 4/22. He was with another guy with dirty blond/surfer hair, he was tan and I think he had tattoos.

I will keep looking around.