Thursday, April 01, 2010

Green Lantern Wondercon Exclusives

I love Green lantern. Always have but Geoff Johns' new series is the most consistently great series of the last decade.

So I've been buying the figures. 3 3/4" Infinite heroes. 6" DC Universe Classics. 8" Mego style retro figures. 13" deluxe figures. And even though I quit DC Direct, I've been grabbing some of the Blackest Night line.

So last year DC Direct announced five green Lantern exclusives:

And it was a disaster. Mob rule. panicked crowd. Raffles. Long lines in 90-degree heat. I wasn't there but my friend Anthony went and scored us all five. Apparantly that's all he did the five days of the convention. Everyone involved said it was the worst sale of an exclusive they'd ever seen.

Now there's this:

Are you fucking kidding me?

Look at the rules. Wristbands. Lotteries. Winning tickets. DC Direct is already admitting they haven't printed enough of these figures to meet demand. They clearly seem more interested in the mayhem the demand will cause than the money sales would generate. And releasing them at a third rate convention instead of San Diego seems poorly planned at best, contemptuous at worst. I'll be haunting ebay for these and God knows what my spending limit will be.


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