Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Sucks

In the late 80's, when the induction ceremonies started, I dreamed of going to this mystical museum. When Renee and I went in 2003 it was pretty awesome. And when I went back last year, it sucked. Zero repeat value. And they let morons in. Devalued the whole building.

This year's lineup is the lamest yet especially in the light of Eddie Trunk's rants and CNN's list of people who haven't made it in yet. What kind of criteria gets you in? In my book, there will never be enough room for ABBA. Even the hot brunette whose dad was a Nazi.

Also, before the NY Annex closed, we went and Ben had a meltdown so for $60, we saw nothing. I blame the Hall of Fame for that too.

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