Monday, March 22, 2010

The Score

Okay, so my tweets have confused you. So here, in detail, what is going on.

Renee and Ben have moved to Chicago. We bought a house in La Grange and unpacked all weekend. Renee starts her new job and Ben starts his new day care today. The cats are also there, sleeping on a new king size bed.

I am not there. I am in NY at my job. I met with the Chicago office Friday and a transfer may or may not happen. Seems I do a job they don't have there, but would like to. I'm giving them some time to work it out before I come up with another plan.

Good news; I no longer have to go home to take care of my son. Bad news; I have no car to get anywhere the subway won't take me. Worse news; my landlord is ripping the house apart in an attempt to make it sell-able once I leave. So I left my new house, old stuff and current family to live in a construction site. But I still got some toys.

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