Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Star Trek on Blu-Ray

Oh, you did it again, CBS/Paramount. You bent me over and made me say, "Deeper, please."

I pre-ordered Star Trek Season One on Blu-Ray last month and happily, Amazon kept dropping the price. By the time I got mine, it was 50% off.

But I still bought a collection of episodes I already had on dvd. And taped off tv. Why?

Because you made them better. You remastered all the original elements. You added elegant cg effects of the Enterprise that actually clarified the storytelling. You rerecorded the original theme song. And by God, you put it in a box that wasn't 18 layers of cardboard crazy.

These are good. These are so good that I'm yelling with surprise during every episode. The picture is so clear that I notice details in the production I never noticed before. Like the layers of background computers on the Enterprise. contrasting shadows on the set that I've tried to eliminate in my own shorts. Or that weird pink eye light that only Shatner seems to get. Maybe I didn't need that.

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