Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Go See Star Trek

Renee HATES Star Trek. She HATES it. My love for Star Trek over the 36 years of my life is completely balanced by her hate. Sometimes it seems she suspects I like it only because she hates it.

She rolls her eyes at me and makes faces whenever it's on. We can't watch any of the six series or ten movies together on the couch. She'll leave. She won't even sleep on the couch.

But she loved the new movie. I took her to the IMAX last and she's still talking about it. She stopped me and said, "McCoy was really cool".

So everyone should see it.


Renee said...

I think I said he was cute...or that is what I meant... :)

No, I actually do admit that I enjoyed it.

If you noticed, I did not even have to ask what a Romulan (sp?) was because I pay attention to the crap you watch. :)

Renee said...

Now that is love. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Maybe I can get Heather to...ah, damn, probably not.