Monday, February 16, 2009

Top 10 Most Awkward Letterman Interviews

Dave has a reputation. While he's certainly the best talk show host since Carson, he does seem to get himself into tricky situations. If a guest comes on with a weird attitude, he's not about to guide them out of fit. Instead, he'll come at them head on, creating seven minutes of uncomfortable television. has assembled the 10worst with video clips. Every one of these was headline news and endlessly fascinating.

Watch em!


Mo Diggs said...

Letterman needs to interview Leno
for the ultimate awkward moment

Mark said...

Yeah, that Andy Kaufman interview was great. I can't tell if it was staged or not, but he was just the guy to do that sort of thing. But whether it was real or not, it was reality tv at its best. Not the crap that's on today.

Anonymous said...

Man, this was the best article ever. I listened to all the interviews at work. The Madonna one was great, because they were having fun fucking with each other. The Crispin Glover interview was great. Letterman just put his hands up and walked off. Nice move.