Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Clinches It

I haven't talked much about politics lately, but I'm pretty happy Obama got the nomination. Hilary still hasn't given up but now she's saying she'll take a VP slot. And for once, I agree with Jimmy Carter.


Renee said...

I knew when she softened her attack on Obama a few months ago Hillary was considering the VP slot; but as they really have dragged the battle out this far, it might not work.

Clearly Hillary wants to just be in the room; I don't blame her and although I think she would struggle to not try to over-step her boundries as VP, she can do the job. I do see voters wanting another option, however.

Obama needs to dust of Biden's tel number....he does need someone with some history on his side; but I am afraid Hillary would not be the best choice right now.

Rick Russo said...

Atta Girl!