Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods

I admit "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is getting mixed reviews. And most of the criticism is leveled at David Koepp's script. If you'd been keeping up with the development of the film you know that Frank Darabont wrote a script that Speilberg called "the best since Raiders."

Steven loved it, Harrison loved it, George hated it. Which proves how good it is. Koepp's script feels like a comprimise and it shows in the final film. I was hoping to see Darabont's script someday, maybe adapted as a Dark Horse comic or synopsized in an article.

But now I don't have to. Because it's online as a pdf. I doubt it will be up for long so if you want to see what might have been, go here.

UPDATE: Just finished it. It reads like a first draft of Crystal Skull. Many of the big set pieces are there and one huge plane chase that didn't make it. The sci-fi angle is just as strong, if not stronger. References to the other movies, Casablanca and Hitchcock are rampant. And no Mutt.

It's a stronger story in terms of the Indy/ Marion relationship. There's a love triangle that helps push the story along and Marion really feels like she did in "Raiders". And the Yuri character is stronger than Mac. But it's missing the elderly Indy feeling, the son relationship, the traps and the bombast of Crystal Skull. Overall, it's smarter but not as much fun. I'm actually glad we got the movie we got.

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