Friday, June 06, 2008

Ben Week 49

Ben and Renee went to Chicago last week. They came back sick and now I'm sick. So Ben and I are both in the house sick during a heat wave. We're both cranky. And not posting very much.


dave said...

Duuuuuuuuude. Is it really 100 degrees there?

Hang in there.

Great pics by the way.

Renee said...

That is Ben eatting Salmon Teriyaki off of chopsticks - seriously, he ate half my meal! He loved eatting off chopsticks and I loved it too!

Ben and Kaleb playing at Nonnie and Poppy's

Ben at ORD getting ready to fly back [and sleep on the plane, good boy!] He has been on 10 flights so far; that is almost one for every month he has been alive!

Then Ben in the monkey hat from Grandma; he is a monkey!

Summer colds are not fun, but we are making the most of it! Ben is crawling, crawling, crawling, climbing the stair and crawling; he really wants to run; first he has to figure out walking.

Jon forgot to post that he learned how to clap in Chicago. Thank you Aunty Becky for inspiring him by pumping the 80's music!

Rick Russo said...

Can you say frequent flyer card?
Love Poppy

Cromely said...

Does he have his own frequent flier card yet? He could hit million miler status before he graduates high school.

Renee said...

Frequent Flier cards start when you buy a seat; I am not buying this kid a seat until the FAA makes me! :)

He does, however, now have 2 sets of wings....I am not sure how that works, but doesn't that make him eligable to swab the deck or something?

Also, he has flirted with enough stewardesses to give any pilot a run for their money....who can resist the charm, the new ability to clap and those eyes?! He sure does a mean redition of "Ittsy Bitsy Spider" when prompted...