Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Indy widget

I added this widget to the bottom of the page but it deserves more explanation. It's been kicking aorund the internet since the trailer was launched but as we get closer to the release date, it's getting cooler and cooler. You'll notice the countdown on top which may as well be my lifeline. Now you can also scroll to find the new tv spot and the trailers for the original three films. Rumor has it a second trailer will be launched within the widget this week. It's finally good to be an Indy fan.


Renee said...

I am really surprised you are not wearing your clothes to bed [ala Rob Petry] to be ready for this movie release.

Of all the genres you are into, this is one I can get behind...he is relatable, does not have green blood, is not afraid to get dirty and smart. know, I am sure the Wed (May 28th) showing at Kaufman Astoria will be a "cry baby" and Ben should go!

Vintagegent said...

I can hardly wait! If it weren't for presales on websites, I probably would be lining up in front of the theater right now.