Monday, April 21, 2008

The Firehouse Gig

There's LOTS to report about the New York Comic Con and we've got the rest of the week to do it. But here's something without a link to

Saturday night Mark Normand, Mike Drucker, Lara Yaz, Dan St. Germain, Alex Grubard, Dan Curry and I did a charity show out in the middle of New Jersey. Right in the firehouse. They moved the trucks, set up a stage, sold some raffle tickets and we had a show.

Everyone did well. I destroyed. Coming from a family of firefighters definitely gave me an edge. The crowd could not have been better and treated us not only like artists, but human beings. That almost never happens.

Here's a picture of us and a truck:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jon - Where was the show? I live in middle of New Jersey and would've paid TOP DOLLAR to see you perform!

(OK - maybe not TOP dollar, but AT LEAST 20 bucks.)

(OK - maybe not 20 bucks, but AT LEAST $10.)

(OK - maybe not $10 in this economy, but AT LEAST $5 as long s tax was included.)

Very disappointed,

Dan X.