Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

The world can completely change in four years. I know mine did.

Happy Anniversary, Renee.


jsgawrych said...

Ah, four years ago when I was hugely pregnant in a wonderful bridesmaid dress! Happy anniversary. The day was perfect and the event was beautiful. I truly can't believe it has been four years... CONGRATULATIONS! Jill and Family

Renee said...

Thank you Jon! I love you too.
I too can't believe how fast it went! A bunch has changed, but you making me laugh, being impressed with your music skills and how much I enjoy your messy Sonic hair in the morning has not.

Happy Anniversary!

Thank you too Jill! You were such a trooper, 4 days away from bringing Nolan into this world, but it did not stop you from dancing the night away!

dave said...

Congrats you guys, thats awesome. I can't believe fours years have gone by that fast. Thats crazy.