Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sideshow Indy

The greatest thing at this year's Toy Fair isn't in New York. Sideshow decided to sit out the show and launch all their new products online. And I've been waiting 25 years for this one. The Indiana Jones from the Tomart's cover is now up for pre order and looks even better in their press shots.

It's a little pricy but if you're as big an Indy fan as I am (and judging from your comments, no one is)you can't live without this piece.

Order one now!


Kevin said...

I love the Indiana Jones films, though, probably not enough to purchase that item. It is pretty awesome looking though, I will admit. I wouldn't be disappointed if I got it as a gift, for sure. :)

Grumpus said...

That Indy doll (though excellent) would be a lot coolio-er if they'd put his smirk on it instead of that dead gaze.

When I saw the trailer for 'Crystal Skull,' I actually got a little verklempt. I know what I'm doing May 22! Might even take the day off.