Monday, February 04, 2008

The Bribe

The show last night went well. Not a lot of real audience but a kick-ass lineup and a great energy. We took the opportunity to premiere the latest Play Cole sketch. It's been eight months since our last live action digital video so I think we're all overdue.

Drucker and I wrote this and we were smart enough to cast John Knefel. Billy the Kid worked the lights and tried not to laugh through John's takes.



Cromely said...

"What is it doing on my desk?"


Great work everyone.

Brian Kunath said...


And nice acting, Jon. Seriously!

renee said...

You guys have your shirts tucked in, ties and lights!!! Play Cole has really stepped up its game!

Mike Drucker said...

What we also got is talent! Endless streams of talent! I'm tired.