Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Whatever's going around it got to me. I'm trying not to give it to the baby but he won't let me put him down.

A question to parents; what should I do?


Anonymous said...

You just put him down. give him fun stuff to do- exersaucer, toys on a blanket, etc and let him play. He might get cranky about it but that beats a sick baby any day!

Feel better!!!

Mike Drucker said...

I'm sorry if I got you sick.

Rock Turtleneck said...

Hey JC, don't sweat it - he probably won't get sick and if he does, you'll be building up his immune system, so it's all good. Kids & babies bounce back fast.

Anonymous said...

You're f*cked. Go rent Midnight Madness and introduce the little bugger to a true cinematic classic.


Dan X.