Friday, January 11, 2008

Cathedral Prep

Man did we hate high school. We hated high school so much last night we had our 18 year reunion in a bar a borough away from the school.

As much as none of us wanted to revisit our alma mater (which is slowly being devoured by a mall) it was important that we saw each other. The four years you spend in high school are the worst you'll ever experience. The amount of hormones coursing through your body will see to that. Everyone you know is crazy.

That's why it's good to find out they didn't stay that way. Most of them are married. Half of them have kids. One guy married and divorced a girl I stole from him junior year. But they're all fine. And we got along as well as we ever did. In a class odf only 24 graduates, you get to know everyone pretty well. The priests always instilled in us a sense of class unity. Then they got mad when we filed into the bathroom after a fire drill. Or distracted the principal with Planned Parenthood sound bites. Or performed a class pageant that got them cancelled forever. They probably wouldn't be happy to see us over drinks either. So why tell them?


KC said...

Good to see you Jon! Thanks letting us 'make' the blog.


Anonymous said...

I still think someone is impersonating KC.

Clarke, don't forget to post Ronnie's movie on YouTube.

Joey G.

Anonymous said...

Where is Howie and the twins?