Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charity Show at Rififi's Tonight!

I'm doing a charity show tonight for Books Through Bars. They raise money to help get a lot of prisoners their GEDs. It's a good cause and if this goes well we hope to do a lot more and help a lot of other charities.

Hosted by Alex Grubard and John Knefel
Mike Drucker (The Watch List)
Tim Warner (Cooper and Tobin in the Morning)
Ed Murray (2006 Laugh-Off)
Jon Clarke (Playcole.com)
Hamilton Morris (High Times Magazine)
John Mullaney (Conan O'Brien)

It'll be great, just a $6 donation and it's for a good cause.

11th St. between 1st and 2nd Ave.
10:00 pm
Books Through Bars


dave said...

Forget Rififi's! Show me more o' dem picha's of baby Ben!!

Jon Clarke said...

And that explains the turnout.