Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studio 60: Episode 3

It's online now.

Perfect line this week:

"No comedian you admire has ever been afraid of silence."

By the way, there's also a fake website for the NBS show. The links are alive but don't link to anything. Still, it's a cute little side marketing idea.


Cromely said...

I also like the discussion about the Missouri joke. It will be interesting to see them explore when something is funny and apropriate versus when something is funny but attacks people.

Of course, I could be reading way too much into this. Not that I've ever been known to over-analyze a TV show...

eeeck said...

So I finally watched Studio 60 - but since I no longer share a cube with Jon I have no one to discuss it with! Actually, I'm not that into it.

To me, the whole focus on not being censored by "the man" is incredibly dated in a world with basic and premium cable, DVDs, YouTube, etc. If these writers want to make fun of the religious right, why don't they go to Comedy Central - where apparently they'll be fine as long as they stay away from Scientology?

Despite these misgivings, I'm somewhat intrigued by the "office politics" plots. But I'm already sick of the "hot blond Christian chick" stereotype, which has spread to ER and Brothers and Sisters (I know Calista Flockhart is not that hot, but you get my point). And as Derek pointed out, why does every conversation take place while people are walking down a hall?

That's my rant for the day on the virtual watercooler! And now I return to writing approximately seventy-five e-mails ;-(. Hope everything is awesome, Jon & Renee!