Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sesame Street 2: Wrecktangle

Sesame Street was a completely different show than what's on now (and not just because Cookie Monster can eat cookies). The incomparable chemistry of Jim Henson and Frank Oz combined with the freewheeling 70's gave the show a frenetic, hilarious air until Henson had a better outlet with "The Muppet Show".

Here's a perfect example. I'm guessing it's from the first season. Kermit teaches the audience about a rectangle but barely gets the information out. In fact, he gives no distinction between a rectangle and a square. Henson and Oz are way more concerned with having fun, as you'll see when Cookie Monster arrives.

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Cromely said...

If this was on the Muppet Show, it would have included Animal Chanting "Rhom-Bus! Rhom-Bus! Rhom-Bus!"