Monday, September 11, 2006


Fighter jets are over the house. It's a different house now but it takes me right back to 9/11. And I don't need to go back there.

Tributes are all over the place. There's a miniseries on ABC and a feature film in the multiplex. Bush is running around the city grabbing every photo op he can find. All signals that we're allowed to feel sad. And that we haven't learned a damn thing.

I was a mile away from the towers when the planes hit. I remember seeing one tower standing. I ran uptown to get Renee and walk her over the bridge home. The swarm of people silently walking over the bridge made me realize what we were that day. Refugees.

We breathed in asbestos for two weeks. The government let us know that a month later. That should have been a tip off to how we were reacting.

In the five years since the attack we've gone from the most sympathized country to the most hated. We pretended to beef up security by frightening our own citizens. And, after sending troops in to find Bin Ladin, we redirected them into Iraq. It's like beating up the smallest kid in your class because the bully picked on you.

In every way, an event that should have woken us out of our complacency made us more selfish. We've proven ourselves to the be petty, immature country the rest of the world suspected we were. September 11, 2001 was a turning point for us. I can't help but feel we turned the wrong way.


Walker said...

I remember looking out my window at the smoke pouring out of the first tower like a tire fire
I remember watching the second plane hit with my naked eye
I remember the panic on my Mothers(who lived through the depression and WWII) face when she arrived at the door
I remember putting my wife, kids and mother in a car in a state of confusion
I remember seeing them collapse through my windshield
I remembered one of my dearest friends told me he was working on the roof of the towers the night before
I remembered all the friends and family I knew working on wall street
I remembered thinking of all the friends and family who were firemen being called to duty as the fire alarms rang in the streets
I remembered I loved them all
I remember seeing some come home covered from head to toe in ash
I remember finding out who was alive
I remember Fighter planes darting over my home for hours
I remember most of all
Ray York and I laughing in the Dolly Bar
Rich Allen filming Q-south at the Lion's Den
I remember
performing with Chris from "Riboflavin D" on a demo tape for his band
There were many more memories of faces and names of people I knew or my friends who knew someone else.
But all I can do is Remember....and say this so that They are never forgotten....Love each-other now...don't wait....
with all of your soul.....Walker

Marcello said...

Jon, I am filled with hope when I see that in this nation, which has already brought humanity some of its most brilliant human beings such as Lincoln, MLK, Einsenhower, etc, there still are people like you. People that really think and have enough criticism and awareness to be able to go beyond the hype and mass brainwash and impartially, at least, ponder and discuss about daily events and the path we're heading... People that can still hold this nation to be the "beacon" it once was. Thank you. And, please, try to "contaminate" some more people with your consciousness.

VE said...

I think to further pursue this course of selfishness and global irreverence, we should stop seeing headlines like "9/11 remembered with memorials, prayers, tears" and see headlines like "9/11 remembered with parades, clambakes, and wet t-shirt contests."