Friday, March 03, 2006

Personal updates

This week has been amazingly busy. All you've seen is Nerdvana but a lot has been going on behind the scenes.

Wednesday's stand-up show went really well. Right before I went up the club asked if I could do ten minutes instead of seven. "Yes I can." I scrambled to bring a couple of bits back that I had dropped but it was a fantastic experience. I got another show on March 22.

Last night was our last class. It was a huge eye-opener. We met a student from last semester who has a show coming out on MTV. He gave us amazing tips on pitching to networks. Then we met someone from Comedy Central and pitched to them. Also a great experience. We all went out for drinks and no one seemed willing to stop drinking and go home. I got in at 5 in the morning.

Wow, that is late. How did you get any sleep before work, I hear you cry. Simple. I don't have a job anymore. Ogilvy cut staff Tuesday and I fell in the first salvo. And I'm fine with it. I was ready to spend the next three months on unemployment and persuing comedy but other agencies started calling that day. I guess you make a lot of friends in six years. Thanks for being some of them.


Curly In the City said...

Jon I was so sad when I heard that you were one of the people let go! Please keep me in the loop on your shows... I PROMISE to make it to one soon - even if I won't be able to party until 5am.

Walker said...

All the more reason to come to McCabe's Pub tonight from 8pm to ?
Come and play,or do your stand up! It is a fund raiser for a friend who was in a terrible car accident(no one you know Jon)

all details at

Tonight Saturday March 4th!