Sunday, March 12, 2006

Papa's 90th Birthday

My grandfather was born this day in 1916. In the 90 years since, Patrick Byrne migrated from Ireland, got involved in the New Deal, fought on an aircraft carrier in WWII, and found the time to have seven children who went and made all these other people. And he's still here. We felt that was a cause for celebration. And I definitely feel it's worth mentioning here.


Walker said...

That's my Godfather. It is a shame I can never get free on a weekend. Send all my love Jon to everyone.........Walker

Monica said...

awwww, we all look so nice!

Love back at you, Walker :D

The Wife said...

It was an honor just to be invited
--I think I will always treasure your Papa because he was quick to relate to my high-school year exchange to Japan to say..."I was in Japan too....WWII, but we did not really get off the ship"
He meant no ill-will, just pointing out that he and I have something in common!
..Good times, good times