Monday, November 01, 2010

Walking Dead

That was as awesome as I've been plugging it to be.

Last night's 90 minute premiere managed to combine George Romero's sense of tension with Cormac MacCarthy's sense of holding together in the face of utter hopelessness. The terror in every is even more pronounced when you realize we hardly saw a zombie do anything. Just their existence tightened the air in every scene.

The original comic is fantastic and this episode manged to outdo it in pacing, suspense and human moments. It made me realize how rarely I put myself in a character's position in this genre. In "Walking Dead" I did it every five minutes.

This is one of the best zombie movies ever made and it's not even a movie. Of course with the high television budget more than matching the low b-movie budget of most zombies it was easy to judge.

The best review I've heard came from my wife every ten minutes: "I think I'm going to throw up." She'll be back next week.

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