Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Return of the Living Dead

Thanks to "The Walking Dead" my zombie phase is not ending any time soon. I've been going through the Romero films, "Shaun of the Dead" and moaning that no one's optioned my zombie script.

And I've been searching out "Return of the Living Dead". This movie was on HBO constantly in the 80's but I was so scared of it I had Mike O'Shea tell me the entire plot before I watched it in three minute chunks. I don't know that I ever saw the whole thing.

And I couldn't find it now. Netflix didn't have it on watch instantly and the disc was a long wait. It didn't appear on demand either. best Buy didn't stock it until last week. So once they did, I bought it sight unseen.

And it is crazy, ugly, loud, stupid, violent and goofy. Exactly what I was hoping. It's got Mr. Path Mark. It's got a barking split dog. It's got a woman completely naked for no reason. And when she turns into a zombie, she has no reason to put her clothes back on. Anyone that complains about Zach Snyder's fast zombies should watch these creatures sprint out of the grave.

And it has two big things going for it. It's the first zombie movie to focus on the brains of its victims. Even if you've never heard of this movie, if you've said "braaains", you've quoted it. Amnd it's got the Tarman. Half guy in suit half muppet, he's the coolest and silliest looking monster outside of "Tales From the Crypt". I can't beleive NECA hasn't made a figure of this guy. See?

In a very weird way, I'm glad I bought this movie. Of course, looking for this clip, I found the whole thing for free on imdb and youtube.

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