Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't know Jenny Slate personally, but she's been a fixture on the scene long enough I feel like she's part of my community.

Drucker got us tickets to the SNL premiere dress mostly because U2 were playing it. But I was curious to see how Jenny would do (as well as how Hannibal Buress, who I do know, would do on the writing staff). I was impressed she got to feature two characters on her first time out. And she did NOT curse in dress.

But imagine how she must feel. Working her way up through the alt scene (which is massively discouraging) getting on SNL, "making it" and then your first time out, you slip out an "f bomb'. Sunday must have been a long day. I'm feeling for you, Jenny.

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mylife2live said...

That does suck. But I'm surprised its new at all. In the whole scheme of things, its pretty minimal. I know that SNL is monitored by the FCC, but if anything she gave the show some more ratings. How many people will tune now, because oh her f-bomb? If I were Lorne Michaels, I'd be saying, "Fucking A that was good publicity!"