Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I think a lot of people might stay away, Mayor. They're scared."

I don't have a virus. I never did. You won't get a scary message when you log in. But thanks to Google's mistake, in the last week, I've seen 1/10th of my normal traffic.

So please come back. And if you're checking the RSS feed on Facebook (which is where most of the comments are coming these days), just follow the link and give me an extra hit. I'll love you for it.

To spice it up, I'll add a comment contest. Whoever can guess where the title quote comes from gets the next post. I'll post whatever you want to say, completely unedited. Too lazy to start your own blog? You can have mine for the day.


Anonymous said...


Jon Clarke said...

Good guess, Dave. But not it.

Anonymous said...



Jon Clarke said...

PJ Brady got it first on Facebook but he passed. Dave, you have your own blog, but for one day, you can have mine.