Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bjorn Smith

Johnny just forwarded me this email with sad news.

I am sorry to be writing you with news like this.
> After a long struggle and many attempts to help by those of
> us who loved him Bjorn took his own life last Thursday,
> August 6th. He did it in the most considerate way
> possible to those of us he left behind. His obituary
> has run in the Valley News on Tuesday and in the Vermont
> Standard tomorrow. We will be having a memorial
> service for him at our home on Saturday the 15th at 2:00
> pm....(this is just for your information...I know it would
> be impossible for you to attend).

Long time friends will remember Bjorn. When my Astoria roommate drank up the rent and skipped out, Bjorn stepped in and stayed for the next three years. He was still there when I moved out to live with Renee and kept the place going through 9-11 before returning to Vermont. We'd lost touch after that but Johnny would hear news (they were friends since college) and pass the info along. Unfortunately, that's what he did today.

Bjorn was one of the most fascinating, brilliant men I ever met. He had the widest range of talents I'd ever seen. He had an open mind that was always ready to hear about a new concept or idea. He had a Czechoslovakian heavy metal guitarist ex-brother-in-law who also lived with us and became a great friend.

Sadly, we knew each other at a point in our lives when we rarely slowed down to talk. Or take pictures. I don't have a single one. And I'd really love to see one because I miss him already.

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Alex said...

Poor Bjorn. He must have hurt so much worse than I ever imagined. Rest easy, friend.

Jon, it's been too long, and it is too bad that it took something like this for me to touch base with you. I hope you're doing well.