Monday, March 23, 2009

The Last Battlestar Galactica

Was very good.

I've been watching this show since season one. I didn't want to. I had no love for the original series and the attempts to relaunch it in the 90's were even worse. But Robert and Bill wouldn't leave me alone about it. Plus it was created by Ron Moore, my favorite Star Trek writer (and when you consider he wrote "Sins of the Father", "All Good Things" and "First Contact", he's yours, too). So I watched one episode. Then the next. Then every one until now.

The show had a serious dip in the third season. Season two had one of the greatest cliffhangers and they simply could not follow it. Fortunately, they picked up in season four and it became a massive movement. BSG was a basic cable cult hit that everyone I knew watched.

And now a two hour finale. It's not worth going into spoilers. It's not even worth going into themes. It's such a perfect completion to 83 episodes. If you haven't seen 82 of them, anything I say to you would have no meaning.

Every series is judged by its final episode. That's why so few get respect. people point to "Newhart" and "Star Trek: the Next Generation" as classics. They ended well. they also began horribly but that's besides the point. "The X Files" is snickered at. It had six phenomenal seasons and limped into nine. I was always on the fence about "Battlestar Galactica". The finale put me over. It's more than an improvement on the first. It's a classic.

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Renee said...

Yes, a space show I actually liked! I was surprised myself..this and Serenity shows what good writing and good execution can get you. :)

What the frack will we watch now?