Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lord Destructo Joins Dr. Horrible

This is why I didn't post yesterday.

At SDCC Joss Whedon let fans know he was taking supervillian video applications for the Evil League of Evil. The winners will appear on the extras of the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD. Since Whedon is one of my heroes, I wanted to give him my best. Instead of wearing makeup and a funny hat for a webcam, I wrote and directed this sketch. If Trafton Crandall and Billy the Kid hadn't helped me, it wouldn't be up now.

Is it DVD worthy?


Renee said...

I'd buy the DVD if you were on it.
AND I would host the sing along!Complete with goody bags!

Anonymous said...

I think its funny.

Brian Kunath said...

You've were talking about doing a Destructo sketch a few years back. And now you've done it.

Funny. I like the cat petting and girl chasing bits.

Jon Clarke said...

Thanks, Brian. But Billy's not going to like being called a girl.