Monday, October 06, 2008

The Late Show at Comix

Friday night I finally got to see one of my favorite comedians and writers, Dana Gould, at Comix. It was a learning experience.

Joe DeVito hosted. I hadn't seen Joe in a bit and have never seen him host. He was definitely putting the work in. The crowd was small for the venuie (about 35 people) and sluggish. One guy was at the table in front. He was about 6"2 so he stood out in the audience. With his 65 year old scowling tourist face and four martinis, he was going to bring this room down.

Matt McCarthy opened. Matt is amazing and I've been playing calender tag with him for months trying to get him on Writer's Room. The 65 year old guy hated him and alternated between mumbled heckles and head shaking. Matt had to abandon his set to shut this guy down. he stopped complaining but never stopped talking.

Then Dana Gould headlined. Dana is precisely the comic I want to be. Smart, dark, cartoony, personal and full of characters. He's written for "The Simpsons" for God's sake. And even he had a hard time with the 65 year old tourist. It was a thrill to watch him and a revelation to see him struggle. It truly never ends.

I talked to Matt after the show. He told me Dana Gould said to him, "This is why Steve Martin quit comedy. The Friday night second show." These were three guys I respect and revere. They all personify the goal for me. And they all struggled like hell. It makes me wonder, once again, is this a road I really want to follow?

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Mark said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. I think I actually saw you there. Did I? Ah yes, I WENT there with you. Silly me.