Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Batman Says the "C" Word

When DC announced Frank Miller and Jim Lee were teaming up to create a new Batman comic, fans rejoiced. Until they saw it. Frank Miller is apparantly trying to destroy his writing career (while launching a directing one) with this book. It's not bad, it's awful. And the fact that they've only published nine issues in three years means they took their time making it awful.

But now it's sunk to new lows as the new issue has been recalled. Because Batman apprantly calls someone the "C" word. Is this offensive? Probably, but I don't care. Is it stupid and out of character? Absolutely. He's already had Bruce calling himself "The Goddamn Batman", screwing Black Canary, slapping Robin and punching out Green Lantern for no reason. This is just Miller trying to top himself.

But who at DC let this out? No one thought to cut the word before the book saw press? And weeks later, once it arrived at stores, now they panic and tell store owners to pull it? It's a costly move just to garner some press that Batman doesn't need these days (if the character ever needed more press). The end result is that a book that's three months late now got pushed back another month. Thanks, Frank. You're a comics genius.

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tomztoyz said...

I have been hearing about this C word controversy but have not seen the book yet.

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Thanks, Tommy