Monday, May 05, 2008

New Play Cole Podcast!

A bitter, cynical and jaded Jon Clarke, Mike Drucker, Billy the Kid and John Knefel wade through a bitter, cynical and jaded Hollywood blockbuster. Nothing is good in this except a guy who looks like Trafton Crandall.



LDK in STL said...

So is that in order? Is Jon bitter, Mike cyncal, Billy jaded, and John none of the above?

Anonymous said...

I've seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith at least five times, but not for the reasons you'd think - I LOVE the way their house is decorated (before it's blown up) and kept pausing Tivo every time they showed the sconces in the dining room. . .oh Jon, don't you miss hearing conversations like this in our cube? -Elaine

Brian Kunath said...


Signing off that particular comment with "Elaine" was unnecessary. Who else could it have been?