Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harrison Ford Wishes George Lucas Happy Birthday!

I guess.

My wife says for me to tell you thanks again. You know, for the career and all. I could have stayed a carpenter. They make good money. By now, I’d be a foreman and those guys don’t have to do squat. Just sit back and make the young guys work. That’s the life. But I gotta run from cannibals and fight a Muppet because of you.

I’m done.


Harrison Ford


dave said...

Hey Jon,

Did you know there's a 4th Indiana Jones movie coming out this year? Yeah, I think its coming in a couple of weeks.

Your a big fan. I thought you should know.

Renee said...

No Dave, you are thinking of National Treasure 2 coming out on DVD this coming week; I saw the adds in Best Buy. I don't think we have heard anything about a new Indiana anything...

dave said...

Crap, your right Renee. It looked just like Indiana Jones. Oh well, I guess the dream of a fourth Indiana Jones set in the 50s, with crystal skulls and Mayans, will have to wait.