Thursday, September 06, 2007


The new ipods are driving me nuts. Last night at the mike I conducted an informal poll. The result was 50/50 so I'll post it here.

Apple yesterday released what might be the greatest ipod with a fatal flaw: the ipod touch. This is the iphone without a phone I mentioned yesterday. It can handle widescreen video and music, has a unique touchscreen interface and Wi fi internet access. It's perfect but for one thing; it only holds 16 GBs of information (yes Monica, yesterday was a typo).

A simpler update was introduced to the video ipod; 160 GBs of space, ten times the amount of the touch. This ipod will not only carry all of my music but about half my dvd collection. On a smaller screen with no internet access.

It's been 3 years since I last bought an ipod; a 40GB with no color screen that died six months ago. renee and I have been sharing hers (the same model) for six months while we waited for a new ipod announcement.

And I'm confused. Both models are approximately the same price. Should I get a massive hard drive in an obsolescient package or place smaller 'best of' content in the next wave of technology? I have no idea.

Please help. Leave a comment and make me a zombie slave to your will.


TCB Walsh said...

Why don't you buy neither and put the windfall in your baby's college fund?

Adhi Potoba said...

JC, I think you're more of a Zune person. You will carry the shame that comes with the purchase of a Zune in your stride.

Brian Kunath said...

I would get the 160gb classic iPod. I have the 80gb version and I love it. Sure, I'd love the bigger screen and wifi access with the new model, but the 16gb is limiting.

My 80gb video iPod stores all my music and my photos, plus I put Lebowski, Borat, all the the Office second season (BBC) and six Get a Life episodes on it -- and I've barely put a dent in the capacity.

And the cool part is that if you rip your DVDs at a decent bitrate, you can watch your videos on a TV by hooking up your iPod with some cables.

In addition to all that, I back up work files on there as well, including print files, interactive presentations, rough cuts for TV and radio. So I'm essentially carrying around my book with me.

So yeah, I'd buy the Xbox 360 over the Playstation. I mean...wait, what was the...

Monica said...

Well, when Bob and I were discussing it last night, his eyes lit up about the idea of getting himeself the 160 GB classic video & giving me his 80gig. hmmm. For you, there's no way 16 gig would get you anywhere near the musical variety you so need.

Personally, I think 16 would work just *fine* for me but i'm more of a buy-it-if-it's-pretty kinda girl!

Bottom line, go with the 160!

Cromely said...

No contest.

You're an archivist, not a fashionista. Get the 160GB.