Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Decision Made!

Thanks to a unanimous voting on the polls (and everyone I talked to) I picked up a 160 GB iPod Monday. Right now I have 10,000 songs, 35 moviea dn 40 television episodes in the thing. It's not half full.

My dead iPod was 40 GB three years old and a world away from this model. The cover flow and enhanced menus add a level of depth to searching that the old text couldn't compete with. I haven't tried the search feature yet but I'm sure that will become essential son, especially with content that dwarfs other models. And just seeing video playing on the 2.5" screen is astounding. I've even broken my widescreen rule to fit the picture better on it.

Mike Drucker showed me how to pull video from dvds onto the iPod. Technically, it's illegal, which is insane. If Apple had told consumers they had to rebuy all their music to make itunes work, it would have died instantly. But for some bureaucratic reason, they expect us to do just that with video. Luckily, there are third party ways to deal with this (none of which I will link you). I like this blog and I wnat it to continue.) So I have Simpsons, Justice League and Raiders of the Lost Ark, all dvds I've legally paid for, in my ipod, and that's illegal. Stupid rule and circumvented.

RG put it best. He said he couldn't think of anytime he'd need video in an iPod. Two minutes of Sin City later, he said "I gotta get one of these things." It's got everything I want, anywhere I go. Now all I have to do is leave the house.

You guys nerdy enough to want pictures?

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