Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twilight Zone: the Movie Opening

I'm watching the original Twilight Zone (and it excellent audio commentaries) on blu-ray and reading Albert Brooks' new novel "Twenty-Thirty". So this scene has been on my mind. "Twilight Zone: the Movie" was a WHT fixture in the early 80's and I saw it twenty times before I ever watched an episode of the tv show. I'm guessing John Landis did this, since he directed the first section and cast Dan Aykroyd two years after "the Blues Brothers". The deep blacks are also a giveaway.

I'm also convinced 94% of this is improv. It's just too natural. And notice Albert's lyrics to the National Geographic theme. Every line is hilarious.

Direct link.

This episode taught me two things; to pay close attention to Albert Brooks and to fear the song "The Midnight Special". And I do.

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