Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marion Ravenwood

I've never been a big collector of custom figures. The furthest I usually go is a head swap or Sharpie to fix the blacks. But when it comes to Indiana Jones, I have no limits.

So when I was trolling ebay and came across this custom sculpt of Marion Ravenwood, my jaw hit the floor. A day or two of online research proved Sideshow Toys had no intention of releasing a Marion figure on their own. So I pulled the trigger.


Now I had to build the rest of her. The latest Hot Toys female sculpt was in perfect proportions and although it was no longer on sale, it was easy enough to find on ebay.

The dress was trickier. I ended up finding a guy in Istanbul that custom makes them. He even ripped it to make it more film acccurate.


I took a look for shoes but after watching the film again I noticed she doesn't wear them long. If Marion could run from an exploding plane barefoot, she could go without the high heels.


It took about a month and more money than I care to admit but she's fantastic. It's been three years since Sideshow announced their 12" line. It's trickled down to about 1 piece a year but it's worth continuing. And if I can keep finding customs like this one, it's worth adding even more.


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