Friday, January 29, 2010


The more I read about this before the keynote Wednesday, the more excited I got. A touch screen laptop with no keyboard? Sounds like a perfect replacement for that Macbook I never got around to picking up.

Then it launched. No Flash, 64 GB, iPhone OS. In fact, iPhone everything. It's a big old iPhone. The iBook store is aimed right at the Kindle but will the screen be any easier on the eyes than a laptop? As someone who's read hundreds of comic books on a laptop screen with the lights out, I know this is something you should not be doing.

If this had a full OS, 300GB of memory, Flash and weighed four pounds, I'd still be all over it. I need function over form and that's the one way Apple ever fails me. The concept is incredible and the execution is beta. In two or three years, after a few upgrades, the iPad will be essential. The same way the iPhone became interesting once it hit 32GBs.

Apple thinks it's way more revolutionary than it is. The internet pundits think it's useless. No one's going to be happy when this thing launches.

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