Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It took until 6 a.m. yesterday morning but I got home.

There's two things you should know about Comic-Con:

1. It's huge.

2. It's near Hollywood.

So unlike New York, there are lots and lots of celebrities around. And they're as overwhelmed as you are. People keep stopping them for pictures and shaking their hands. And after 1000 people do that in a day, they can't remember anyone's screenplay pitch or URL address. I saw Joss Whedon, Bruce Timm and Matt Groening all speak in rooms of 3000 people. I saw Seth Rogan and Ron perleman on then floor. I went to a party with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Erin Gray. But I didn't make any serious contacts.

But it was a big, crazy, fun show filled with free stuff, open bars and no sleep. Since I was there with, the toy companies took me more seriously than the studios and publishers. I met reps and journalists I've respected for years. I saw friends I hadn't seen in years. And yes, I bought the big Millennium Falcon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. Are you going to give us any more details?!?!? How about party with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Erin Gray?

C.J. said...

Jon, you got the Millenium Falcon. That is amazing! A-MAZE-ING!!!! I am so excited for you, man. ENJOY IT!!!