Monday, October 08, 2007

Things I Hate About KFC

1. Mostly the vomiting
2. The fact that they are open late so the vomiting won't begin until 3 a.m.
3. Popcorn chicken which is a vomiting laxative
4. The stains on the walls
5. The fact that they keep partnering with every other fast food restaurant. Cowards.
6. The 11 herbs and spices that 4 Twix bars can't get out of your mouth
7. The four Twix bars you can see as you vomit.
8. The Colonel.
9. The Tums that come right back up. Pathetic.
10. Mike Drucker for suggesting we go.


Mike Drucker said...

Hey, whoa, time out. Billy the Kid suggested it.

Brian Kunath said...

That post is finger-licking disgusting.

Mark said...

brilliant, Jonboy. Made me laugh.